Hi There!

When I was five, I took an art class and I couldn't understand the difference between warm and cool colors, so out of spite I became an artist. I had a professor once tell me my art looked like kitschy, 1950s wallpaper. I love digital art, watercolor, ink, and pugs. One time I drank paint-water.

I am also part of the team at Making Queer Hitstory! I edit, I design, and I speak on disability and queerness, both as they relate to each other, to art, and to life in general. Learn more about booking here!

Selected Speaking Engagements & Publications

  • “The History of HIV/AIDS and Disability in the US” 2015. Chicago, IL.
  • "Identi(tea)s: Queerness and Disability.” 2016. Chicago, IL.
  • "Physically Disabled LGBTQ Folks Navigating Queer Spaces." 2017. Philadelphia, PA.
  • “Cripple Caucus.” 2018. Washington, DC.
  • "Queer Crips: Reclaiming Language" Making Queer History. 2018.