When I was five, I took an art class and I couldn't understand the difference between warm and cool colors, so out of spite I became an artist. I had a professor once tell me my art looked like kitschy, 1950s wallpaper. I love digital art, watercolor, ink, and pugs. One time I drank paint-water.

Outside of art, I also give lectures and workshops on disability and queerness, both as they relate to each other, to art, and to life in general. I've spoken at national conferences and written articles on the topics. If you'd like to book for your organization or university, contact me!

Selected Speaking Engagements & Publications

  • “The History of HIV/AIDS and Disability in the US” 2015. Chicago, IL.
  • "Identi(tea)s: Queerness and Disability.” 2016. Chicago, IL.
  • "Physically Disabled LGBTQ Folks Navigating Queer Spaces." 2017. Philadelphia, PA.
  • “Cripple Caucus.” 2018. Washington, DC.
  • "Queer Crips: Reclaiming Language" Making Queer History. 2018.