Nearly two years in the works, Top 8 is a recipe book full of recipes free of the eight most common childhood allergens (eggs, wheat, soy, dairy, shellfish, fish, peanut, and tree nuts). The simple, fun recipes are intended to offer kids familiar foods without worrying about making them sick. If you get inspired or have a secret family favorite, Top 8 includes several pages to include your own recipes!

Younger kids who may not be reading yet still get the idea of "problem foods" from the allergen monsters. Kids can take a hands-on roll in all the recipes, with some requiring minimal to no adult supervision, especially for older kids. Kids get a sense of independence by not only being able to make their own food, but having an entire book full of options they can safely choose from. Top 8 is full of snacks, sweets, meals and more! 

Intended Release: September 1, 2018