Dean Strauss is an artist, activist, and public speaker

Through his experiences as a disabled queer man, along with his years of community organizing, Dean Strauss offers a variety of workshops intended to educate through conversation, storytelling, and real life experiences.

Dean shares the history and ongoing issues faced by the disabled community through workshops on topics like accessibility, ableism, representation, and identity. He works with groups where they’re at—no knowledge of accessibility or history is necessary. There is no bad place to start learning.



Ableism: The Basics

Ableism exists in language, physical spaces, and our society as a whole. Unlearn ableism starting from beginning.


Representation in Media

Learn about the history of disabled characters in media, why it’s so important to hire disabled actors, and what it means to truly represent disability.

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Othered: Trans & Disabled

Trans and disabled bodies are often othered in similar ways; this workshop offers insights into these experiences and how—and why—these communities must be allied.

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ABleist Architecture: Accessible Event Planning

Explore the ways in which disabled people are kept out of events and how we can be more inclusive from the start.

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Physically & Visibly disabled: Navigating LGBTQIA+ Spaces

Gain insight into the experiences of physically and/or visibly disabled LGTBQIA+ people and the realities of navigating multiple marginalized identities.

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One in the Same: The Influence of Identity

Disability, like all identities, is influenced by who we are. This workshop explores how one’s many identities influence their identity as a disabled person.

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Recent Speaking Engagements

“The History of Asexuality.” April 2019. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Oshkosh, WI.

“One in the Same: The Influence of Identity.” March 2019. Albion College. Albion, MI.

“Cripple Caucus.” January 2019. Creating Change Conference. Detroit, MI.

“Physically & Visibly Disabled in Queer Spaces.” January 2019. Creating Change Conference. Detroit, MI.

“Ableist Architecture.” January 2019. Creating Change Conference. Detroit, MI.


Schools, Universities, & Non-profits

$200 + Travel & Lodging (if outside Chicago)


$500 + Travel & Lodging (if outside Chicago)



I am always interested in furthering education. If you are a school, university, or non-profit and unable to cover partial or any cost, please reach out via email.

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